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Comparison of vaginal suppository and intravenous PGE2 in termination of pregnancy at midtrimester (109619 Views)
Relation between opium smoking and pulmonary function (74619 Views)
Evaluation the fitness of anthropometric dimensions of students the best-selling laptop desks (70882 Views)
Association of Sleep Quality and Duration With Preterm Birth: The Qazvin Maternal and Neonatal Metabolic Study (QMNMS) (70635 Views)
Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome in a newborn (55304 Views)
Correlation between academic achievement and introversion-extroversion and neuroticism of nursing students in Shiraz (46673 Views)
Study of anti-inflammatory and healing effects of Achillea millefolium in the treatment of indomethacin-induced gasthic ulcer in rat (46080 Views)
The effect of prednisolone pill on swelling and taking of analgesic tablets after surgery of impacted wisdom teeth (42254 Views)
A review of the therapeutic effects of frankincense (39835 Views)
Evaluation of median rhomboid glossitis and oral lichen planus in patients with diabetes mellitus (37046 Views)
The efficiency of Albendazole and Mebendazole in the treatment of ascariasis and trichuriasis (36262 Views)
Effect of vitamin C supplements on patients with hypertension (35957 Views)
The patients' viewpoint over the effect of fasting on eye (35409 Views)
The inhibitory effect of fasting on lipid peroxidation A protective role on cardiovascular system (34586 Views)
Role of Capsanthin on analgesia and jumping induced Naloxone in Morphine dependent mice (34109 Views)
Effects of volatile oil extracts of Anethum graveolens L. and Apium graveolens L. seeds on activity of liver enzymes in rat (33818 Views)
Economic evaluation of students’ screening program in the city of Komijan (Iran-2009) (33460 Views)
Determination of the effect of operative site on early post operative hypoxemia (32106 Views)
Identification of essential oil components of Thymus daenesis Celak. in field condition in Qazvin (31322 Views)
A survey of breast nodules in Shaheed Rajaee Teaching Hospital (30845 Views)
Sensitivity of Penicillin in group A Beta-hemolytic Streptococus (30178 Views)
Clinical symptoms and laboratory findings of Kawasaki disease in children (29910 Views)
The needs of reproductive health of the university students (29810 Views)
Predictive value of coronary artery calcification in coronary artery stenosis (28410 Views)
Use of Geographical Information Systems in epidemiology (28360 Views)
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Relation between opium smoking and pulmonary function (46279 Downloads)
Apoptosis: programmed cell death (38323 Downloads)
A review of the therapeutic effects of frankincense (17128 Downloads)
A review on different types of Real-time PCR methods and its optimization (15592 Downloads)
Prevalence of high blood pressure and its relation with cardiovascular risk factors (15378 Downloads)
Concomitant fracture of distal humerus lateral condyle and olecranon fracture (14339 Downloads)
Comparison of vaginal suppository and intravenous PGE2 in termination of pregnancy at midtrimester (11933 Downloads)
The prevalence of obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in Isfahan (9919 Downloads)
The effect of prednisolone pill on swelling and taking of analgesic tablets after surgery of impacted wisdom teeth (8589 Downloads)
Review on the molecular signaling pathways involved in controlling cancer stem cells and treatment (8489 Downloads)
Traditional practices affecting maternal care in rural areas of Takistan: A qualitative study (8298 Downloads)
Comparison of blood cultures and endotoxin measurements in diagnosis of gram negative bacterial infections (7983 Downloads)
Investigating the necessary volume of intravenous fluids in tumescent liposuction (7697 Downloads)
Investigation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency by NADP test in jaundiced newborn (7651 Downloads)
Relationship between blood pressure and daily sodium , potassium , calcium intake and BMI (7342 Downloads)
Management of an unconsummated marriage after 14 years (7290 Downloads)
Effects of antidepressant medications on male reproduction and sexual function (6708 Downloads)
Assessing the recommended weight limit in manual carrying of loads in packaging lines of a factory in Qazvin (6691 Downloads)
Self – medication among cardiovascular patients of Bu-Ali hospital (6637 Downloads)
Molecular mechanism of insulin resistance (6634 Downloads)
Aflatoxin M1 and B1 contaminations in products of animal origin in Iran (6602 Downloads)
Providing an optimum method for textile wastewater treatment (6602 Downloads)
Effect of pethidine on the duration of stages of labour (6490 Downloads)
RNA based antisense drugs: different types, molecular mechanisms and clinical trials (6246 Downloads)
Effects of lavandula stoechas extracts on staphylococcus aureus and other gram negative bacteria (5980 Downloads)
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