Instruction for authors

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 Instruction for Authors

      Original Papers are submitted to this journal should be observed the following criteria:

  1. Papers should not have been published in other journals and if previously presented in scientific meetings or conferences, this should be addressed in full details.
  1. The corresponding author should send a commitment letter which includes the order and signature of authors before submission to commit that he/she will not add, delete, or rearrange the authors’ names after reviewing.

     Also he/she should recommend 4-6 reviewers for accelerating of the process of review.

  1. If a corresponding author changes the number or arrangement of authors, the editor-in-chief will reject the manuscript and all of their consequences are related to the corresponding author.
  1. Affiliation, academic email, address and full information of corresponding author should write in first page.
  1. The authors are liable for accuracy of scientific papers, and corresponding author is responsible for any mistake in authors’ names and the journal will not accept any responsibility.  
  1. Papers will be sent to referees following preliminary consideration by the editor-in-chief while this journal uses double blind peer-review, the identities of the authors are concealed from the reviewers and  vice versa. The journal has the authority in editing, accepting or rejecting the papers in each part of review processing.
  1. The editorial boards are free to publish a review and short communication manuscript. Also the corresponding author in review article should be professor of university, and at least cite 3 articles of his research in reference section.  
  2. Journal format and copyright should be observed. (Republication of papers published in this journal is not authorized however using parts of the article is allowed if proper reference is given.)
  3. Submit manuscript according to journal format:

Type of article


Total words

Abstract words

Tables and Figures






2 tables and 1  figure

Max 35 references


Non- structural



Short communication




Max 20

Case report

Non- structural



1 table or figure

Max 10

Ethical considerations:

  1. Ethical considerations in human and animal interventions, anonymity of patients, masking the faces of human subjects, and absolute secrecy of medical records should be strictly regarded.
  1. All of the clinical trials performed in Iran must be registered in Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials ( in order to be considered for publication even if they might be registered in other registration sites.
  2. A letter from local ethical committee of the research center is required for all kinds of papers.

  Conflicts of interest:

Authors must acknowledge and declare any sources of funding and potential conflicting interest, such as receiving funds or fees by, or holding stocks and shares in, an organization that may profit or lose through publication of your paper. Declaring a competing interest will not lead to automatic rejection of the paper, but we would like to be made aware of it.

  Tables and Figures:

  1. The total number of tables and figures should obey the type of article, and figures must be prepared on Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or Power Point 2007.

  1. Figures and tables should contain the legend and number be addressed in the text. The tables’ resolusion must be 300 dpi
  1. References should be consecutively numbered based on vancouver system. The journal name should be abbreviated according to Pub med.

  2. References should be listed as follows:

  Journal:  The family name and initials of author(s) (only 6 first authors are mentioned and the rest as et al), the article title, the journal title,     year of publication, month of publication, volume (Issue): page numbers

   Eg: Garcia-Galiano D, Navarro VM, Gaytan F, Tena-Sempere M. Expanding roles of NUCB2/nesfatin-1 in neuroendocrine regulation. J Mol    Endocrinol 2010 Nov; 45 (5): 281-90. doi: 10.1677/JME-10-0059.

  Book: The family name and initials of author(s) of book (only 6 first authors are mentioned and the rest as et al), the book title, the family     name and initials of translator(s) of the book, edition, the place of publication, publisher, the year of publication, page numbers (volume)

   Eg: Coelli TJ, Rao D.s.p, O'Donnell CJ, Battese GE. An introduction to efficiency and productivity analysis. 2nd ed. Spring Science & Business 2005.

  The link of reference.

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